Disinfection Box
Disinfection Box
Disinfection Box
Disinfection Box

Disinfection Box

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Multi-function device:
- UV-C disinfection box - efficiency up to 99.9%
- Wireless mobile phone charging / 10W fast charger
- Aromatherapy

2 modes:
- quick disinfection: 5 minutes
deep disinfection: 10 minutes

Instructions for use
1. Open the disinfection box, place the object you want to sterilize (mask, mobile phone,
earphones...) and close the case.
2. Press the button 1 time, the blue light turns on and the fast disinfection mode starts (5min).
You can choose to press the button 2 times to perform a long disinfection cycle
3. Wait until the light goes out, indicating that the disinfection process is complete.
If you want to stop the process, press and hold the button until the light turns off.
Optional use 1: You can put a drop of essential oil in the diffuser inside
box to carry out a simultaneous aromatherapy process.
Optional use 2: place the wireless charging mobile phone on top of the box
disinfection - to reach 10W fast wireless charging, you must use a charger

- Protective measures: UV disinfection stops automatically if the box is opened.
- Input: 9V/2A; 5V/2A
- UVC-LED lamp life: 20000h
- UVC-LED lamp wavelength: 270nm ~280nm
- UVC-LED lamp power: 3mW (standard configuration)
- External size: 196 x 136.5 x 30.5mm
- Internal size: 177 x 100 x 15mm
- Material: ABS
- Net weight: 290gr